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We highly recommend you carry a VISA debit card attached to a personal checking account as you travel around the world. In our experience this is the most reliable way to get money overseas. Mastercards works… SOMETIMES. American Express works… NEVER. VISA is the most accepted card and will give you the least trouble.


Security Removed

Your bank account comes with certain fraud protection systems. As you travel to multiple countries and use your card, banks will suspect your card as stolen. You have to call your bank and tell them that you are traveling. They will want to know where you are going. Some people give them the route and dates. Some people simply say "the whole world." There are pros and cons to both approaches. If you only give them your route, you will need to notify your bank of any route changes or stops along the way. If you say the whole world then you no longer have ANY fraud protection. You choose which way you want to go.

Add a person you trust to your account

One of the best things I did was add my mom to my bank account. She could then walk into the bank and do anything that needed to be done for me financially at that bank, no questions asked. It made life very hassle free. Your mom might not be the best person to add to your bank account, but I would recommend you add a trusted source. Someone who can deposit money for you, change information, and generally take care of anything you need. Not to mention when your mom calls and is so sad that she can't send you a birthday present on the field, I will tell her that she should add a little cash to your personal bank account. You should make that a simple process!!!