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Trip Arrival!!

Dear Amazing World-Changers,

Can you believe the time has finally come to leave? This is going to be absolutely incredible Summer semester and I’m so excited to hear all of your stories! This is a lengthy email but I need you to read it entirely and carefully.

Just a few last minute things I need you to know:

Remember that if you are driving, you are meeting us at <u>
Toccoa Falls College, Ga between 4PM and 6PM EST on Friday, May 31th; not at the airport. Please do not be late. The address is:


Toccoa Falls College
17 Rainwater Dr.
Toccoa Falls, GA


Those of you who are flying know that your flight needs to arrive into Atlanta before 3:00pm EST on Friday. Please meet in the AIRPORT ATRIUM in front of the Atlanta Bread Company. If you see the huge dinosaur, you’re in the right place. If you get lost, just ask someone where the atrium is.

Your team leaders and some of our staff will be at the airport to greet you. They’ll all be wearing Passport T-shirts. I’ll be anxiously awaiting your arrival to training camp to check you all in!


If your flight is delayed or you are stuck in traffic or have problems of any kind, PLEASE call me. My extension will be forwarded to my cell phone so I will be available while at training camp.

Write my number down and bring it with you even if you don’t bring a cell phone with you.
It’s 770-983-1060 extension 321.


**Luggage Reminder: You are only bringing ONE checked bag and it must be under 50lbs. You may also bring one carry-on.


Guys…I can’t tell you how excited I am to meet each of you. I am praying for you specifically for safe travels, Jesus encounters, peace, favor, and lots of other things. God is so proud of you and is going to do huge things in you. Come expecting!


See you on Friday!

Erin Miller

Passport Mobilizer

[email protected]