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We are excited that you are going to embark on this journey! And we can't wait to meet you! But one thing that helps us remember you and know you better before you arrive is to have a picture of you.

We really do take the time to look at your profile and to put all the information we have on you to a face (it makes us feel like we know you already), and it helps us recognize you when we finally do meet you.

With that said, please be sure to make sure that you have a recent photo of yourself posted onto your Personal Profile Page. These are the things we are looking for when you pick out a picture of yourself to upload:

1.    Please be sure that you pick out a photo of just you!

2.    Please be sure that you upload only a head shot of yourself!

3.    Please be sure that the picture is of good quality!

4.    Please be sure that the photo is in good taste!

5.    Please be sure that the photo also reflects who YOU are (no grade school style or glamour shot pictures, please)!