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Let me explain now how you can get the most out of your donation.

1) Credit Card Donors. Our society loves the quick and efficient. Most donors will appreciate being able to click a simple link, put in their info, and be done. Donors love even more to set up an account to automatically donate on a regular basis and forget about it. However, efficiency comes with a price. Credit card companies make their money by charging fees to be able to use this service. When a donor gives via credit or debit card, you will see a 5% fee deducted from your support account for that convenience.

2) Bank Draft Donors. In order to reduce the fee for donations, we have added a Bank Draft choice to your online giving. Donors can choose this option online and then they may enter the information from the bottom of a check rather than a credit card. By choosing this option, you will only see a 3% fee deducted from your support account.

3) Written Check DonorsOne of the cheapest options is to have donors write a check or money order and send that to Adventures In Missions, P.O. Box 534470, Atlanta, GA 30353-4470. This sends the check directly to our bank where it is deposited. The bank then sends an image of that check to our accounting department to apply toward your support. There are no fees for checks mailed this way. However, please allow 2 weeks from the date you mail the check before you expect to see it in your support account. Also please note that you cannot receive letters or any correspondence at this address. It is only for checks or money orders.

Be sure that you have read ALL of the support policies on your profile and that you are aware of what you will be financially responsible for.